Guitar Chords

What are guitar chords?

Guitar chords are simply chords played on the guitar.Guitar Chords

So what are chords?

In music, when two or more notes are played at the same time, we call that a chord. A guitar chord (for guitars with six strings) can be made up of anywhere from two to six pitches (or notes) played simultaneously.

Chords are the basic building blocks of the songs that you love to listen to. You can play chords in certain patterns and create all of your favorite songs! It really is that simple!

Basic guitar chords

Here a few basic guitar chords that you can play if you are just beginning to learn the guitar. Knowing how to play these chords and being able to transition between them smoothly will allow you to play thousands and thousands of songs that everyone knows!

open guitar chords

The black dots indicate where to put your fingers, and the numbers tell you which finger to use. Do not play strings with an “X”. The lowest sounding string is the leftmost string on the diagram.

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