Guitar Scales

What are guitar scales?

A guitar scale is a musical scale played on the guitar.guitar scale

So what are musical scales?

A “scale” in music, in very basic terms, is simply a pattern or “collection” of particular musical notes.

Let’s assume that you have a collection of 12 different colored marbles in a bag. Pretend that you take seven marbles out of your bag. These “collection” of seven marbles together gives you a certain “color combination” of marbles.

Now pretend that you put the seven marbles back in the bag, and then take out five different marbles. This new collection of five marbles would give you a different “color combination” of marbles.

You can repeat this process and continue to pull out different color combinations with different numbers of marbles. We can call each color combination a “scale”.

In music, the marbles are like musical “notes”. And just like the marble example, each combination of notes that guitar scalewe choose gives us different “color combinations” of sound. Instead of colors such as red, green, blue, etc., the color combinations in music are related to emotions such as sad, happy, bright, dark, suspenseful, etc.

Different “scales” sound different, and evoke different emotions or feelings.

By playing different guitar scales, you can take a listener on a rollercoaster of emotion! This is one of the reasons that you love listening to your favorite songs!

So remember that a “scale” is just a collection on notes.

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