How To Choose A Guitar

Guitar overload

If you have ever been inside a large guitar store, you know that there are an overwhelming amount of different guitars to choose from. When guitars come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, how do you know which guitar will be the right one for you. This short guide will help you to answer that question.

Acoustic or electric guitar?

There are two main categories of guitars: acoustic guitars and electric guitars.

acoustic guitar electric guitarIf you are mainly interested in strumming along with your favorite songs, or styles of classical, country, singer/songwriter, and bluegrass, an acoustic guitar might be the way to go for you.

If you would like to be able to play lead guitar, guitar solos, or be in a rock band, an electric guitar might be a better fit for you.

Eventually, you may even want to have both types of guitars, and in fact many guitar players do.

But there are so many, which one do I choose?

Once you have decided whether you want an acoustic electric guitar, it’s time to test some out.

Start with the guitars that look appealing to you. Automatically, you will eliminate a large number of choices just by considering aesthetics.

guitarsThe next step would be to pick up the guitars one at a time to see how they feel. If you are a beginning guitar player, you may not be able to judge how the guitar plays quite yet, but pick up a guitar nevertheless and notice how it feels in your hands, against your body, and on your forearm. Is it light? Is it heavy? Is the sound of the strings pleasing to you?

Consider the price. In general, you get what you pay for. A higher-priced instrument may be good enough for you to keep around for years, while a lower-priced instrument may actually make it less enjoyable for you to learn how to play guitar, but fortunately there are many great budget-friendly guitars out there today. If you are not able to afford a decent guitar from the start do not worry, you can always upgrade later.

Some Specific Suggestions

There is more to choosing the right guitar for you besides looks and feel. Without getting too complicated with technical details here, in general, there are certain types of guitars that are suited towards playing particular styles of music.

This trend seems to be more obvious in electric guitars, so we will keep our focus there.

If you like to play rock, surf, R&B, soul, blues, indie, and similar types of music, you may consider guitars made by Fender, Gibson, Ernie Ball, or similar companies.

If you like to play heavier rock, metal, shred, or other music similar to these genres, you may want to consider guitar brands like Ibanez, Jackson, Paul Reed Smith, and other similar brands.

Overall, your guitar should look good, feel good, and sound good to YOU. This will help you want to play it more! As you go along your guitar playing journey, your skills, tastes, and preferences will change, and by that time you will have a much more clear and specific idea of what you are looking for in a guitar, but for now, just stick with the basics and you will be off to a great start!

That’s it!

Once you select the guitar for you, it’s time to check out guitar lessons in birmingham to help you start playing and enjoying your guitar as fast as possible!

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